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The Qian Hu Story

Our history can be traced back to the early days of the Company's pioneers - two brothers who were in the pig farming business - Mr Yap Tik Huay, the father of our Executive Chairman Kenny Yap, and his brother, Mr Yap Hey Cha, father of our Deputy Managing Directors, Alvin Yap and Andy Yap.


Qian Hu Story 1985
Converted old pig pens into concrete ponds and bred guppies for local exporters.


Qian Hu Story 1990
Expanded into the local wholesale distribution business with a wider range of ornamental fish and aquarium accessories.


Qian Hu Story 1995
Awarded three ISO 9002 certifications and an ISO 14001 for environmental management system.


Qian Hu Story 1999
Expanded the accessories distribution to Malaysia, China and Thailand.


Qian Hu Story 1989
A severe thunderstorm wiped out all the guppies. Company was renamed Qian Hu which went on to farm High-Fin Loaches despite knowing very little about this fish. In one fell swoop, our entire stock of 4,000 Loaches died. We lost almost everything again, except the determination to rise up. To this day, the High-Fin Loach serves as Qian Hu's mascot - which serves as a daily reminder to us.


Qian Hu Story 1993
Foray into the China market with a joint venture in Beijing, supplying cold-water ornamental fish and aquarium accessories.


Qian Hu Story 1997
Launched auto-packing machinery for packing of fish.


Qian Hu Story 2000
The year Qian Hu became a public listed company!


Qian Hu Story 2002
Transferred to Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange.


Qian Hu Story 2005
Year of transformation and consolidation of the Group's businesses.


Qian Hu Story 2009
  • Set up a joint venture company in Chennai, India.
  • First SME in Singapore to win the Singapore Quality Award twice - in 2004 and 2009.
  • First company in the history of the Singapore Corporate Awards to bag four awards in the same year, namely, Best Managed Board (Merit); Chief Financial Officer of the Year; Best Investor Relations (Bronze) and Best Annual Report (Gold), amongst companies with less than $300 million in market capitalisation.


Qian Hu Story 2001
Established Guangzhou as our manufacturing hub for aquarium accessories.


Qian Hu Story 2006
A turnaround year for Qian Hu as all of its core business did well, including the 12 retail chain stores in Malaysia, Thailand and China.


Qian Hu Story 2010
Qian Hu celebrated 10 fun years of being listed on the Singapore Exchange, having achieved a compounded annual growth rate of 9.2%.


Qian Hu Story 2013
Wining the Innovation Excellence Award heralds the transformation of Qian Hu using high technology and the advanced productivity initiatives


Qian Hu Story 2003
Acquired Kim Kang Aquaculture - a leading Dragon Fish breeder in Malaysia. Awarded the International Headquarters status by the Economic Development Board (EDB).


Qian Hu Story 2007
Acquisition of a 20% stake in UKbased Arcadia Products PLC.


Qian Hu Story 2011
Incorporated a subsidiary in Indonesia. Despite operating in a challenging business environment, Qian Hu continued to receive accolades for its quality track record.


Qian Hu Story 2014
Qian Hu breaks new ground with revolutionary marine aquarium system that makes keeping marine fish literally a breeze at a fraction of the cost. Gears up for the next growth phase with farm automation.


Qian Hu Story 2004
Launch of "Qian Hu - The Pet Family" retail chain stores in Malaysia, China and Thailand. Established a subsidiary in Shanghai.


Qian Hu Story 2008
Spearheaded cutting-edge research on in-vitro breeding of pedigree Dragon Fish.


Qian Hu Story 2012
  • Divested Qian Hu's 65% stake in Kim Kang Aquaculture
  • Qian Hu's LUMI'Q series of new-generation fish tanks won the Best New Aquaria Product at the PET EXPO 2012 in Australia