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Information about Qian Hu

1) What are Qian Hu's core businesses?
A: Qian Hu is an ornamental fish service provider dealing with exporting ornamental fish to more than 65 countries, breeding dragon fish, distributing aquarium and pet accessories, manufacturing aquarium accessories, running 12 pet chain stores cum manufacturing plastic bags.

2) When is the end of Qian Hu's fiscal year?
A: Dec 31

3) What is the total employee headcount for the company?
A: As of Dec 31, 2006, our head count is 608

4) Which countries do Qian Hu have operations in?
A; Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and China.

5) Can you disclose the members of the Board of Directors?
A: It is in our annual report.

Qian Hu Share and Dividends Information

1) Which year was Qian Hu listed and on which stock exchange?
A: Nov 8, 2000

2) What is the par value of each share and the present amount of outstanding shares?
A: 10 cents per share, number of ordinary share as of Dec 31, 2006 is 128,872,934

3) Can you list all the present substantial shareholders of Qian Hu?
A: Yap's family

4) Is there a formalized dividend policy?
A: No

5) What is the company's dividend history?
A: have been paying dividends every year except in Year 2005

Investor Relations Information

1) When is the company's next results briefing?
A: Full year briefing in jan, and half year briefing in July each year

2) When will the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) be?
A: Over, 11 March 2008

3) Where can I obtain a copy of the annual report?
A: By visiting our website or write to our company to request one.

4) Who is the company's point of contact for investor relations?
A: Kenny Yap.