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24 July 2017

Dear friends,

Thanks for your questions posted over the past week. I am happy to answer your questions online. I will repost the questions in blue italics followed by my comments in black.

Kenny the fish

Dear Eric Liou, you wrote:

Dear Kenny,

Congratulation to you and the management.

Q1) Is the Qian Hu site affected by the recent announcement on the Tengah airbase expansion?

Q2) Saw that the Hainan edible fish farm has started operation in June, when will the first batch of edible fish be ready to be shipped from this plant?

What is the estimated quarterly revenue that the new edible fish business will add onto the current topline?

Hi Eric,

We are not affected by the Tengah airbase expansion.

For the edible fish new business, we hope to add in the result by the end of the year.

Kenny the fish

Dear Douglas Ong, you wrote:

Have your family considered taking Qian Hu private?

Hi Douglas,

We are adding in a new edible fish business and focusing on adding value to the group. However, anything can happen but it is too early to speculate on the possibility of taking Qian Hu private now.

Kenny the fish

Dear Jimmy Chan, you wrote:

Will Qian Hu be paying a final dividend this year?

Hi Jimmy,

If our cash flow is healthy , it is possible to resume dividend payment.

Kenny the fish

Thanks again to all the investors who have posted their questions here. I hope I have answered them to your satisfaction. The next chance for us to correspond again will be the time when we announce our Full Year 2017 results. In the meantime, do feel free to visit our corporate website: http://www.qianhu.com/ and our IR website: http://qianhu.listedcompany.com/ for more information.

Take care and I look forward to our next online Q&A.

Kenny the fish