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Qian Hu Corporation Limited has the distinction of being the first company in the industry in Singapore to achieve ISO 9002 accreditation for conditioning and exporting ornamental fish. This is a testimony to Qian Hu's quality service and commitment to provide the best for our customers.

Through the years, Qian Hu and its subsidiaries have successfully captured a number of awards through our team of qualified and experienced management committed to provide first-class fishes and services.

  Jan 15, 2003 Qian Hu is first runner-up in the Sesdaq category of the 29th Annual Report Awards (ARA).
  January, 2003 Qian Hu ranked Singapore's Top 3 Best Run Small Companies in the 11th Asiamoney Best-Managed Companies poll.
  Dec 4, 2002 Kenny Yap is winner of the YAZHOU ZHOUKAN Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award 2002.
  Nov 19, 2002 Qian Hu received "Highly Commended" award in the Grand Prix for Best Overall Investor Relations by a Small or Medium Sized Company category of the Investor Relations Asia Awards 2002.
  Nov 11, 2002 Qian Hu shares transferred to the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) from Sesdaq.
  Oct 24, 2002 "Kenny Yap nominated for the YAZHOU ZHOUKAN Young Entrepreneur Award 2002".
  September, 2002 Qian Hu voted second most favoured SESDAQ stock in 2002 by readers of Smart Investor magazine...
  Sep 14, 2002 Qian Hu was tops among Sesdaq and small cap companies for transparency award.
  Feb 18, 2002 "Qian Hu top ranking of transparent firms" by Business Times.
  Jul 2, 2001 Conferred "THE STARS OF ASIA -- ENTREPRENEURS " by BusinessWeek.
  May 30, 2001 In Aquarama 2001 Fish Competition:
  • 1st Prize for Dragon Fish ( Red )
  • 1st Prize for New Species/Varieties ( Wild-caught )
  • 3rd prize for New Species/Varieties ( Bred-In-Captivity )
  • 2nd prize for Goldfish Orandas
  • 3rd prize for Goldfish Ryukin
  May 29, 2001 Attained the Singapore Quality Class Award.  
  Nov 8, 2000 Listed in Singapore Stock Exchange.  
  Nov 8, 2000 Conferred "The International Management Action Award" by the Institute of Management and Singapore Productivity and Standards Board.
  1999 "The International Europe Award for Quality" by the Editorial Office of the Traders Leaders Club.  
  1999 In Aquarama'99 Fish Competition :
  • Dragon Fish Category ( Grand Champion)
  • Dragon Fish - Class 2 ( Gold ) First Prize
  • Dragon Fish - Class 1 ( Red ) First Prize
  • Goldfish - Class 2 : Pearl Scaled Varieties ( Third Prize)
  • Tetra - Class 1 : Wild type ( Third Prize )
  September 1998 The Managing Director of Qian Hu, Mr Kenny Yap has been appointed as the Vice-President of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME).  
  August 1998 In 1998, Mr Kenny Yap, Andy Yap and Alvin Yap, our Directors were finalist for the 10th Rotary's ASME entrepreneur of the Year Award.  
  July 1998 The Managing Director of Qian Hu, Mr Kenny Yap is the winner for the Singapore Youth Award for Entrepreneurship organised by the National Youth Council of Singapore. This is the highest award for youth entrepreneur in Singapore.  
  May 1998
Environmental Policy ISO 14001 for introducing and applying an Environmental Management System. Qian Hu is the first and only tropical fish exporter in the world that has received this ward.
  December 1997
Quality Policy ISO 9002 for Conditioning and Exporting Tropical Fish. Qian Hu is the first and only one in this industry that has received this award.
  August 1997 Innovative Development Scheme for the development of an automatic packaging line for tropical fish.  
  May 1997 ISO 9002 for applying Quality Management System in the breeding and exporting of Dragon Fish under Wan Hu Fish Farm Trading.  
  May 1997 1st prize winner in the New Species (Wild Caught) category for the Upside-down Catfish in the Aquarama Fish Competition.

  May 1997 2nd prize winner in the New species (Wild Caught) category for the Golden Zebra Botia in the Aquarama Fish Competition.

  September 1996 The Managing Director of Qian Hu, Mr Kenny Yap is shortlisted for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award co-organised by the Association of Small and medium Enterprises (ASME) and the Rotary Club of Singapore (RCS).  


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